September 25, 2022

This often happens when our phone is unavailable for some reason and we miss an important call from our friends or family members. If such a situation does not come to you, India’s largest telecommunications company Reliance Jio offers its customers a special place, where they can easily find out which phone is missing. The special thing is that Reliance Jio offers this Missed Call Alert Center to its users for free.

Advantages of missed call alert service.

With the Missed Call Alert service, information about driving on their number is sent via SMS. This way, users can easily find out who called your mobile number. Then you can call that number again. Let us tell you how you can use this service with your number:

Missed call alert service works at these times

So let’s know at what time Jio missed call alert service works:

  • When your smartphone is offline.
  • When your mobile phone is turned off.
  • While your phone is waiting

How to activate Jio’s phone awareness service

The great thing about Jio’s phone alert service is that it doesn’t require USSD code to activate. This service is always available to all Jio numbers. As we have already told you the company does not charge a fee for this great program.

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Even if you are touring Jio International, you can still enjoy the missed free call alert service. Missed call alert service works very well without any problem. On the other hand, if the missed call service does not work for your number, then you can find a solution by calling Jio’s customer care.

Can you also deactivate Jio missed call alert service?

No. Jio’s call awareness service is free and provides customer support by providing information about incoming calls. There are currently no ways to stop this service. It can’t be deactivated by any Jio number.

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