September 25, 2022
Animals which help man - Essay

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Animals which help man – Essay: Man isn’t just a part of this beautiful world. He claims he is a part of this earth as do the other animals from the earth. It’s arrogance to acknowledge our dependence upon other animals. They do a lot to our well-being. Even the wild animals are able to play some contribution to life on earth. Let’s look at how some animals can help man.

The most important thing is the milk cow. There is no doubt that everyone doesn’t like the taste of cup milk? In addition to the mother’s milk, it is the milk of the cow. milk is the best choice for everyone, particularly for children and the sick. From milk butter, cheese and ghee. are created.

Animals which help man – Essay

Skimmed milk is also rich in nutrients. Additionally, milk goes into the manufacturing of sweets. The male cow, which is also known as the ox, has been utilized for draught since the beginning of time. This is why the farmer utilizes it to plow his field as well as haul his wagon.. The value of milk is so high and highly sought-after it has grown to be among the main industries. The animals are killed for their meat. Certain countries, like Australia, Argentine, and the United States have vast cattle ranches that provide all the meat in the world.


The next animal to the cow The next animal to cows is next in line is the horse. Human civilization has a lot to relate to the horse. Up until the present, it was believed that the horse was utilized to plow, ride or pull carts. In the past, the armies loved their cavalries. Those are horse troops. Today, horse races are very popular and could be an expensive pastime. Horses raced in races are valued at thousands of dollars. The horse is a very noble animal, and very sensitive as well. It is a very delicate animal. Arabian horses are well-known even in the present day.

We can also refer to the sheep. In terms of numbers and usage, the sheep are at the top. The sheep provide men with wool to make clothes as well as meat for the table. In colder countries, sheep thrive. In cold climates sheep prospers very well, and wool is very beneficial in the production of warm clothes. The lamb symbolizes innocence.

The list is not complete without mentioning the dog. The dog was just as wild as the wolf. The way it became domesticated is the subject of speculation. However, one thing is for certain since the beginning of civilization, man, as well as the dog, were close friends. They’ve found the company of each other beneficial.

There is no animal that is as loyal and sincere as the dog. There are very different breeds of dogs. Some are adept in hunting; some are observant and keep their homes clean. Some dogs are gorgeous and should be can be kept for pets. The sense of smell in dogs is so well developed that it is utilized by police officers to locate criminals.

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