September 23, 2022
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I am proud to be a citizen of my country – Essay: In his poem on patriotism, Scott declares that in his poem of patriotism that if a man isn’t proud of the country he is a part of, the country then he’ll be buried without respect. When the man returns from a trip to his country it must be bursting with joy as well as his soul must be buzzing with excitement to be back on the land of his birth. We’ve heard of many great martyrs who gave their lives for their country. It is therefore only right and just to one should cherish one’s country.

There are numerous reasons why one must have the right to be proud of their country. It could be due to the climate, natural areas as well as its people and its administration, its traditions and manufacturing and culture. The connection that this country shares with different countries is another aspect to consider.

In light of the above standards, Let me tell you what makes me proud of my country. My country is blessed with a stable climate. We have bright sun throughout the year and plenty of rain. There are many virgin evergreen forests. They have some good rivers and valleys and hills that create a country gorgeously. The coastline isn’t straight but is lined with bays, so it has some good harbors.

Our people are quiet, hardworking, and peaceful. They recognize that their land offers plenty of fruits and grains and consequently, one is not hungry. The forests are rich in natural resources and the plantations are prosperous producing money-making rubber. The mines we have in the country produce valuable tin which makes the country prosperous. We are a developing country and lots of good tasks will need to be accomplished.

We are fortunate to have a good administration that is democratically constituted. There have been several enlightened leaders who have taken steps to improve. The turmoil we witness within some countries is not present within our country while the people are law-abiding.

Our country has a long history that spans several centuries. Different cultures have come through into the country and we have a diverse culture. This can be seen in the manner people wear their clothes and consume food, as well as the structures that illustrate the impact of these dominant cultural influences. Our country has a very good relationship with its neighboring countries and is valued in reverence. With all of this in mind, things, I feel proud to be a citizen of this country.

a person holding the globe
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