September 30, 2022
The career

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The career I would like to choose

The career I would like to choose – Essay 2022: I believe that today, in which competition is prevalent in the minds of young people to be ahead in life it is crucial to start early. It is important to determine what one would like to do with their life. To achieve this, it’s advised to seek the advice of your elders and to investigate the areas of work that you may find interesting or inclined to. The goal is to be exposed to as many perspectives as you can. Career days or professional counseling may be helpful in this respect.

I’m lucky, I guess in the sense that I am fairly certain of what I would like to accomplish in my life. I want to. be a lawyer as I believe is an honorable and worthy profession. It offers one the chance to help other people. A large portion of my uncle who is also a lawyer is the reason for my selection of professions. In my case, the uncle has been practicing law for over twenty years and I’ve found that he is knowledgeable about numerous areas.

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My uncle is fond of declaring that the profession of a lawyer always requires him to be aware of the work that other people also do. Another way of looking at it is that your uncle may describe himself as the ‘jack of all trades. Based on his advice and the advice of my parents, I have made the decision to work extremely hard at school, and hopefully get results that are satisfactory enough to allow me to attend the National University. I’ll have to work to the max as spots for this program are very scarce and are highly desired.

In Singapore, there are many lawyers, and not all have the opportunity of being able to work in the field they have been trained to be able to work in. This doesn’t deter me but it can be a cause of concern regarding my parents. I’m planning to pursue classes at the school that is suitable for the course I plan to study at university. While some may claim that it’s not yet the right time to be able to define my choices or choices in this manner, however, I am determined to my objective.

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