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The dream I will never forget – Essay: One of the human capabilities that differentiates him from the rest is his ability to dream. It is true that one cannot be sure if other creatures dream and if they do at all it is possible to dream they don’t have a way to express it. It’s just like a human. Each human being has had dreams, some of them quite enjoyable, some of the bizarre and horrifying, and in the latter, some people live a nightmare of a time and refer to it as the nightmare. In the event of a nightmare, one may experience the sensation that you are being held down or drowned.

The dream I will never forget – Essay

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In the dream one experiences, all one does during awake hours, except that the body isn’t moving. Sometimes, limbs may be moved, and people have been observed beating down on their hands. Some people laugh and cry, some shiver and weep. Thus, the dream is it’s a semi-conscious state in between sleep and awakeness.

It would be fascinating to understand what dreams originate, however, there aren’t any scientifically valid theories. It is certain that something is stored in the brain’s cerebral cortex which is the innermost recesses. Brains get engaged and accumulate concurrent interest. Some strange phenomena occur in dreams with no explanation that is valid.

It is evident that some nervous system is activated, but how God can only guess, and because of this, many others nerve centers get operational, bringing about an array of events. Things happen quickly and clearly as a movie screen, with the subject taking part in the action. It was believed that some dreams were a prelude to future events. How far this is backed by science is impossible to determine. Shakespeare makes use of dreams throughout his works, as in the example of Macbeth.

I also dream and have had one in the past and it may be interesting. I am made the ruler of my country. Then I am in the middle of a parade, and to be exact, it’s a motorcade, and I’m riding in the Cadillac. A huge crowd of people, both children, and women all dressed in their finest attire are lining the road through which I am transported. They have victory arches, flags, and festoons. Photos flashes explode, and photographers take hundreds of photographs of mine.

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Finally, I am able to enter the massive mansion. The guards greet me with honor. I am escorted by elegantly costumed and well-dressed courtiers up to the throne. It is large and spacious. It has shining windows and doors and dazzling chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. The hall is lit with colored light. hall, as sunlight filters through the hall’s stained glass panels.

When I am on the throne, courtiers yell “Long live the King”. A man then approaches me, he may have been the minister in chief. He advises me with respect to making my concessions known to the people who are waiting to hear my speech. I’m a little nervous at first, but I get over it quickly. I inform my clients that the old method that required paying one-sixth of one’s earnings as tax is coming into effect.

I also inform them that taxes may have to be paid out in cash. I declare that there will not be any entrance fee to enter theaters and that the Government will manage all the theaters, and only healthy films will be shown. In one step, I will end child labor, and education for children will be entirely supervised by the government. I announce that each village and town will be equipped with a playground in which children can play and the elderly can unwind. Production of milk across the country would be ramped up to ensure that everyone gets sufficient milk. I encourage the young to improve their health and increase their knowledge.

The dream was not long-lasting when my alarm started sounding when it came time to get up and do my homework. The sweet dream disappeared like snow before the sun rose in the morning, but it was the most memorable dream I’ve ever had.

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