September 24, 2022
Youth - Essay in 600 words.

Youth - Essay in 600 words.

Youth – Essay in 600 words.


The older generations tend to dismiss youth as short-tempered and impulsive. What they don’t realize is that the person they grow to become is mostly a result of how they were raised. It is therefore the responsibility of every generation to educate its children to raise them in the right way to ensure that they will make their parents proud and make our nation proud.

How to Grow Responsible Youth?

There are two kinds of people living in the world: those who behave in a responsible manner and adhere to the established standards and those who question the norms and are reckless. While there’s no harm in questioning the norms that are based on logic, committing irresponsible behavior isn’t acceptable. The youth nowadays have plenty of potential, and it’s the obligation of parents and teachers to guide their imagination and skills to move in the direction in the right direction. Here are some suggestions they can implement to nurture responsible youth:

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Youth – Essay in English 600 words

Begin Early

Don’t wait until your child’s age to be 10 or become a teenager before you start instilling moral values, or giving them tasks. Start this process when they are still in their toddler years. They need to be taught how to conduct themselves in the public, how to carry out various tasks and other things at an early age. Naturally, you must keep your child’s age in mind when instructing them or assisting them.

Inculcate Moral Values

It is crucial for you to show your children what is right and wrong. Offer them moral education from time to time in accordance with their years of age. In addition, make them aware of the consequences of any bad behavior or actions.

Let them assist

Let your children help you instead of pampering your children all of the time. Set small tasks such as helping prepare the table for dinner, separating vegetables and fruits, or placing toys in the right location. This gives them a sense of responsibility and prepares them to accept more tasks in their lives.


Be grateful for the good that your children do. This will inspire them to model good manners and perform good deeds repeatedly to be incorporated into their behavior. Don’t make it a habit to reward them each time.

Be Easy

In the course of teaching them the distinction between what is right and what’s wrong, offer them moral lessons and delegate tasks Be careful not to be harsh with them. It is important to recognize that there are instances when they don’t perform to the standards you expect and that’s fine.

The Role of Youth in the Society

If the outlook of the youth in our country is right and the young talent is motivated, they are bound to be successful for society. With the right knowledge and right approach, they could succeed in a variety of fields such as science, technology medical, sports, and many more. It will not only help the individual and professionally, but will also help the development and growth of the nation in general. However If there is a problem with the youth of the nation is not educated or has no job, and unemployed, it could lead to crimes.


The youth can make or break an entire nation. The education of children must be conducted carefully in order to assist them to grow to become responsible youth.

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